Our Vision

We love to see people freed from sin and healed from disease. We believe that anyone with the Holy Spirit inside of them can help others to gain this same freedom. Through prayer, deliverance and teaching, we pray that this ministry will bless you. Our ultimate goal is to share God’s Word and to further His Kingdom!


We care for those in need. Through prayer, deliverance, sharing God’s Word and pouring into others. We want to do what God has called us to do – share God’s love, hope, joy and so much more!


We are a group of Christ following, Bible believers who are growing in our giftings. We believe that we can learn something from everyone. We love to be able to further God’s Kingdom and we love that God is using us in this way!
Our Team


Wendy Hall is the Senior Leader of Jon George Ministries California. She is ordained under Jon George Ministries Inc. which is headquartered in Bradenton, FL Wendy exhibits a loyalty and commitment that is uncommon. She has faithfully been with her husband for 26 years, and maintained her career with her current employer for 20+ years. She is family oriented demonstrating strength and compassion for covenant family. This within itself testifies of the type of leader we have with Wendy Hall.



Richard Bogolub is an authorized Minister of Jon George Ministries California. He is ordained under Jon George Ministries Inc. which is headquartered in Bradenton, FL Richard has traveled with Jon George Ministries to Czech Republic, New Jersey, Canada, Detroit, Chicago, Texas, Florida, and California. He is currently helping Pastor Wendy by assuming the role of Minister at JGM California where he has agreed to help minister to those in need and help with some administrative needs.



Jon George is the Founder, President, and Leader of Jon George Ministries Inc, Florida. Jon George Ministries Inc is the covering for Wendy Hall and Jon George Ministries California.